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Leftists Slam ‘60 Minutes’ For Daring To Interview MTG

Chris Agee
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Television news magazines like “60 Minutes” have long offered a platform to elected officials and other public figures across the ideological spectrum.

When the CBS program announced that Lesley Stahl would be interviewing one particular Republican lawmaker, however, leftist critics came out of the woodwork.

The responses to a post announcing the segment featuring U.S. Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) included harsh denunciations from across various sectors of society.


Liberal author and commentator Elie Mystal took exception to the decision to refer to the lawmaker as “MTG,” insisting that her true nickname is “Unfrozen Caveman Congresswoman.”

Actor Bradley Whitford offered a thinly veiled comparison between Greene and Adolf Hitler.

“Reminds me of a guy we defeated in the 1940’s who wasn’t afraid to share his opinions, no matter how intense and in-your-face they were,” he tweeted. “Too bad you couldn’t interview him, [Lesley Stahl], you could have asked him about his vegetarianism and his love of dogs.”

One of Greene’s former House Republican colleagues also added to the narrative. Ex-Rep. Adam Kinzinger (R-IL) tweeted that it was “insane” for the program to interview an elected official.


On the other side of the aisle, former Rep. Debbie Mucarsel-Powell (D-FL) tweeted: When mainstream media tries to equate both sides while our democracy is threatened it feeds into the division and normalizes extremism. I’m disappointed to see 

[“60 Minutes”] covering MTG someone who has fueled violence and spreads conspiracy theories. Americans deserve better.”

After the interview aired, even more critics surfaced to assert that Stahl did not attack the Georgia Republican fiercely enough.

“Stahl interviewed Greene as if she were just another someone unusual [sic] member of Congress with some out-there ideas,” asserted Tom Nichols, a writer for The Atlantic. “Showed MTG some of her worst stuff, and MTG just waved it away, and Stahl let it all slide.”

Of course, the interviewer does allow her apparent animosity toward Greene show in a few on-air exchanges — most notably when the lawmaker offered her take on the Democratic Party’s perceived sexualization of children. 

“Democrats support, even Joe Biden the president himself, supports children being sexualized and having transgender surgeries,” Greene asserted. “Sexualizing children is what pedophiles do.”

“Wow, OK,” Stahl replied.