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Piers Morgan Identifies As ‘Black Lesbian’ To Highlight Hypocrisy

Chris Agee
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This year’s International Women’s Day included a conspicuous amount of celebration surrounding biological men who identify as women. 

While many on the left portray the trend as an inclusive step toward cementing transgender rights, a growing number of conservatives — and some left-leaning feminists — believe that it is only diluting the progress that the women’s movement made during the latter half of the 20th century.

During a broadcast of his eponymous program “Piers Morgan Uncensored,” the outspoken British commentator sought to expose the perceived hypocrisy within the movement by claiming that he wanted to alter his identity. 

He engaged in a pointed debate with author Angelica Malin, asking at one point: “Why can’t I identify as a Black lesbian?”

Although Malin dismissed his query as “absurd,” Morgan doubled down.

Asserting that many LGBTQ activists seem to believe the extent of self-identification “is limitless,” he added: “Anyone can say, ‘I’m a woman.’ So I simply ask you, why can’t I?”

The best his guest could come up with is the claim that such a proclamation “ridicules trans people,” though the host maintained that it is actually the extremist ideology of today’s far-left that is truly damaging to the cause of legitimately transgender individuals.


“I have great respect for that very difficult journey they go on,” Morgan said of people who undergo surgery and other transitioning procedures.

On the other hand, he said he has “zero respect for people who just wallop their hand up and go, suddenly, ‘I’m a woman and I want all the rights a woman has and I want to compete in, say, sport. I’m a 6’4” athlete, sprinter, swimmer, whatever, who has competed — very mediocrely — in male sport. I now want to come in and crush women in swimming pools and sprinting events and break all their records, perhaps irrevocably, just by saying I’m a woman.”

Turning his attention back to Malin, he concluded: “I think that’s the absurdity you’re talking about.”

Female athletes have been increasingly vexed in recent years by rules allowing biological males to compete against them — including in weightlifting events as the USA Powerlifting league confirmed earlier this month.