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Psaki Claims GOP Is ‘Weaponizing And Politicizing’ Trump Indictment

Chris Agee
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Even as supporters — along with a few rivals — of Donald Trump denounce an indictment against the former president as politically motivated, MSNBC personality Jen Psaki insists that it is the Republican Party that has injected bitter partisanship into the narrative.

Psaki, who previously served as President Joe Biden’s White House press secretary, is now spreading many of the same Democratic Party talking points to the cable network’s left-leaning audience. 

During a segment of her program after Thursday’s announcement that Trump had been indicted by a Manhattan grand jury, she claimed that the GOP was “weaponizing” the news to gain a political advantage over District Attorney Alvin Bragg. 


After reciting some of the public responses by prominent Republican figures like Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis and House Speaker Kevin McCarthy (R-CA), Psaki said: “To me, this is all pure projection. To me, the only people who are weaponizing and politicizing what shouldn’t be a political process at all are these leading Republicans.”

She then went on to speculate about the reason that many elected officials on the right have rushed to Trump’s defense against what they describe as a miscarriage of justice. 

“Donald Trump is still the leader of the Republican Party,” Psaki declared. “If you had any doubt, their following him this past week confirms that. And they’re scared of losing the support of his base.”

Moving on to a topic she is arguably more qualified to address, she offered some advice for fellow Democrats wondering how to respond to the news. 


“As much as you may want to, now is not the time for a mass order of ‘Lock Him Up’ T-shirts and mugs,” Psaki said. 

She told Democrats that they should “put your head down and stay out of it.”

Of course, Psaki ended the segment by citing a survey that seemed to undermine her assertion that Republicans are the ones politicizing the current situation. According to the Quinnipiac University poll, 62% of respondents — including nearly one-third of Democrats — believe that Bragg’s investigation into Trump was politically motivated.

Last month, House Republicans asked for documents related to the investigation as part of their probe into the case — and Bragg’s office responded by calling the request “an improper and dangerous usurpation of the executive and judicial functions.”