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Putin Praises China As Key Partner In Countering US Dominance 

James King, MPA
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During his two-day state visit to Beijing, Russian President Vladimir Putin praised China as a crucial partner in what he views as a fight against U.S. hegemony. 

In an interview with China’s state media Wednesday, Putin highlighted the bilateral partnership and Beijing’s “genuine desire” to help end the Ukraine war.

The Russian leader’s trip comes as Russian forces have pressed forward in a serious offensive in Ukraine, with his visit seen as a signal to nations across the world of unity between the two nations as each promises a new era in the world — meaning an ascendance of the two nations at the expense of the U.S.’s current position.

During televised remarks Thursday, Putin said the relationship between Russia and China was not situation-driven or aimed at anyone, emphasizing that together they stand for principles of equality, fairness and a world order that reflects the multipolar reality.

The U.S. has categorized China as its biggest competitor and Russia as its biggest nation-state threat, President Joe Biden has argued that this century will be defined by an existential contest between democracies and autocracies, with Putin and Xi sharing a broad worldview that sees the West as decadent and in decline.

Regardless of the converging outlooks and interests, the strengthening of ties between Russia and China presents a new geopolitical challenge to an already challenged West. As the situation develops, the 2024 election becomes more and more important as the U.S. stands in need of a strong leader to navigate the increasingly difficult challenges being presented by a quickly changing world.