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SCOTUS Halts West Virginia Transgender Athlete Law 

Graham Perdue
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The Supreme Court of the United States refused to allow a law in West Virginia surrounding people participating in sports with the opposite gender to stand on Thursday after it was previously stopped by a lower court.

ABC News reported that the prohibition was not being analyzed on the merits but rather if it should be paused as legal battles rage on in lower courts. In an Orwellian fashion, the outlet discussed a 12-year-old boy who is featured in the lawsuit as a “transgender girl” and noted that his parents are demanding he is allowed to run on his middle school’s female cross-country and track teams.

There was no official explanation given for the court’s move, according to American Greatness. Justices Clarence Thomas and Samuel Alito, however, dissented, charging that the court ought to justify why it is not allowing the implementation of state law.


“Among other things, enforcement of the law at issue should not be forbidden by the federal courts without any explanation,” Justice Alito wrote.

A powerful interest group that notably challenged the law is the far-left American Civil Liberties Union, which has backed the family of the boy who believes he is a girl. The ACLU lauded the Supreme Court’s decision to allow the  halt to stand. 

“We are grateful that the Supreme Court today acknowledged that there was no emergency and that Becky should be allowed to continue to participate with her teammates on her middle school track team, which she has been doing without incident for three going on four seasons, as our challenge to West Virginia’s onerous trans youth sports ban makes its way through the courts,” the ACLU said in a statement, incorrectly referring to the boy as a girl. “This was a baseless and cruel effort to keep Becky from where she belongs – playing alongside her peers as a teammate and as a friend.” 

As American Greatness noted, West Virginia is not alone in this battle against gender ideology. Numerous other states have forwarded similar legislation to stop athletes from playing in sports matches with the opposite gender, which per Fox News include Wyoming, Oklahoma, Florida, Mississippi, and others.