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Sen. Mike Lee Argues For SAVE Act To Prevent Non-Citizens From Voting In Federal Elections

James King, MPA
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Sen. Mike Lee (R-UT) has written a lengthy post explaining the necessity of the SAVE Act, a bill that would require proof of citizenship when registering to vote in federal elections. 

Lee argues that despite it being illegal for non-citizens to vote in federal elections it is “shockingly easy” for them to do so due to the lack of verification required.

Lee points out that state officials who are responsible for federal voter registration and elections are not allowed to require proof of citizenship. 

He cites the Supreme Court’s ruling in Arizona v. Inter Tribal Council of Arizona which held that the National Voter Registration Act prohibits states from requiring proof of citizenship when processing federal voter-registration forms.

With nearly 30 million non-citizens in the U.S. including about 12 million who have entered illegally since the last presidential election, Lee argues that the SAVE Act is desperately needed. 

He contends that even if a small percentage of these non-citizens were to vote they could change the outcome of a close federal election.


Lee also points out the inconsistency in Democrats’ arguments against the SAVE Act noting that they have inserted language in their amnesty bills to waive inadmissibility for illegal voting. He argues that the sanctity of the vote is at stake and that Congress must pass the SAVE Act to ensure fair and lawfully conducted elections free of foreign influence.