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Trump Draws Massive Crowd Of 100,000 At New Jersey Rally, Aims To Flip State In 2024

James King, MPA
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Former President Donald Trump returned to Wildwood New Jersey on Saturday for a massive rally that attracted an estimated 100,000 supporters according to reports. The event held on the beach and boardwalk area of the coastal resort town was likely the largest political gathering in the state’s history.

“We will win New Jersey” Trump proclaimed to the enormous crowd adding “If we win New Jersey we win the whole thing.” His campaign is hoping to put the Garden State which hasn’t voted Republican for president since 1988 in play this cycle along with other traditionally blue states like Virginia and Minnesota.

Trump argued that a Biden victory would be disastrous for the middle class and working Americans while a Trump win would restore the American Dream. Recent polling shows a tight race in New Jersey with Biden leading Trump 46% to 39% and 15% undecided according to an Emerson College survey from late March.

Saturday’s rally was a stark contrast from Trump’s last visit to Wildwood in January 2020 just before the COVID-19 pandemic hit the U.S. Photos from that event show a maskless crowd gathered in close quarters indoors just days before Trump restricted travel from China.

Despite facing constant media attacks Trump’s first three years in office saw strong economic numbers including a surge in manufacturing jobs rising median incomes restrained regulations and a sharp drop in food stamp reliance. His approval rating peaked at 49% in early 2020 before the pandemic drove it down to 39% by May.

But Trump has regained ground since then and now leads Biden 46% to 44% nationally according to the RealClearPolitics average as of May 5. The site’s Electoral College projection shows a tight race with Trump at 219 electoral votes Biden at 215 and 104 up for grabs. When the toss-ups are assigned based on current polling Trump holds a commanding 312 to 226 electoral vote lead.

Several high-profile Trump supporters spoke at the Wildwood rally including ex-NFL great Lawrence Taylor Rep. Jeff Van Drew who left the Democrats to join the GOP in 2019 and conservative media figure Mike Crispi. North Dakota Gov. Doug Burgum also addressed the crowd fueling rumors of his potential vice presidential candidacy.

As night fell and conditions turned blustery Saturday the massive throng of Trump faithful showed no signs of letting up. The former president concluded the rally as he often does with “Hold On I’m Coming” blaring as he basked in his fans’ adulation waving and clapping with fists raised. For his diehard backers who waited days for the chance to see their hero in person it was a moment they wouldn’t soon forget.