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Sen. Paul: Staffer ‘Brutally Attacked In Broad Daylight’

Chris Agee
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More than five years after Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) was violently attacked by his neighbor, a member of his staff was reportedly stabbed as he was walking in Washington, D.C.

The lawmaker issued a statement condemning the act, which reportedly occurred on the H Street Corridor shortly after 5 p.m. on Saturday.

“This past weekend a member of my staff was brutally attacked in broad daylight in Washington, D.C.,” Paul said.


He went on to ask for prayers “for a speedy and complete recovery” while expressing gratitude to “the first responders, hospital staff, and police for their diligent actions.”

The Kentucky Republican expressed relief “to hear the suspect has been arrested” and requested “privacy so everyone can focus on healing and recovery.”

According to a witness who was reportedly walking with the victim, the suspect had been hiding until he “popped out of the corner and proceeded to stab [the victim] multiple times.”

Both the witness and victim were reportedly able to tackle the suspect, who was identified by police as 42-year-old Glynn Neal of D.C. 

Authorities took Neal into custody and he is facing a criminal charge of assault with intent to kill.


According to police, the attack appeared to be an act of random violence amid an uptick in crime across the nation’s capital.

This incident was just the latest violent assault against an aide for a prominent Republican senator.

Shortly before November’s midterm elections, Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL) confirmed that a canvasser who had been passing out flyers for his campaign was attacked.

At a subsequent campaign rally, Rubio said: “We know that someone wearing a Rubio shirt and a [Gov. Ron] DeSantis hat was walking in the neighborhood not far from here yesterday when four individuals assaulted him.”

Police provided additional details about the incident and suspect Javier Lopez. 

“Mr. Lopez told the victim he was not allowed to walk on the sidewalk and pass out fliers in his neighborhood,” authorities said. “The victim, in order to avoid the confrontation walked across the street where he was again confronted by Mr. Lopez. During the verbal dispute, Mr. Lopez then struck the victim multiple times in the face and head causing the injuries.”