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Woke Military Ads Prove Infiltration Of Woke Politics

Graham Perdue
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Wokeness on Oscar night is annoying and its prevalence in 2023 corporate America is a serious issue. But when it pervades America’s armed forces the way it does at its current level, the results are downright dangerous.

Defense News reported last October that U.S. military power shrank from its level the previous year. And the Heritage Foundation’s annual report on the strength of American armed forces revealed chilling results.

Much of the findings center on the new military focus on matters that have little to nothing to do with defending the nation from foreign adversaries and protecting vital American interests.


Evidence of this corrosive ideology descends directly from Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin and Joint Chiefs Chairman Mark Milley. And it found its way into military recruitment pitches that are essential to maintaining functional levels of staffing of the armed services.

A quick perusal of recruitment videos from Russia and China followed by a comparison of those from the U.S. is chilling to the core. The first two were produced by serious countries, and their content makes that obvious.

They spotlight strength and an able fighting force on a deadly mission to protect their governments’ interests. The recruitment pitches present power and duty as attractions for young people to forego other options and enter into the service of their countries.

The videos are aggressive, showing fast-moving military operations and are drenched in patriotic pride exactly what one would expect from an armed forces recruitment call. 


The U.S. presentation is something shockingly different. 

Drenched in woke propaganda, it glorifies its overt diversity and even transgender ideology. The cartoonish approach would be silly for a state university to portray. But for a supposedly serious country, it comes across as a lame joke.

But that’s what you get with Biden’s military. The obsession shifted dramatically to concerns such as the ever-present “equity,” “social justice,” “green” energy and climate change.

Be all you can be morphed into a swirl of pronouns and transgender madness. And again, for a private entity that chooses that approach, that’s their choice.

But for the most powerful nation in the world, the democratic superpower that is supposed to be a “city on a hill,” this is a tragic twist. Every step taken by the U.S. military, including these silly videos, is carefully scrutinized by those who would knock the nation from its prized perch.