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Yuengling Brewery Goes Viral After Apparent Swipe At Bud Light

Anastasia Boushee
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While it isn’t obvious that their comments were aimed at Bud Light, a tweet from Yuengling Brewery has gone viral amid the continued controversy over Bud Light’s partnership with transgender influencer Dylan Mulvaney.

As Bud Light and Budweiser used to be portrayed by many as “America’s beer,” their decision to disrespect their conservative customers by partnering with Mulvaney came as quite a shock. Conservatives and rural Americans, who are seen as the typical consumers of Budweiser and Bud Light, began to boycott the company in response to the controversial decision.

Yuengling Brewery, the oldest brewery in the U.S., appeared to take advantage of this controversy in a viral tweet that many saw as an understated jab at Bud Light.


In a simple tweet that contained a picture of a bottle of Yuengling in front of an American flag, the company’s social media team wrote: “Yuengling, The Oldest Brewery In America. Independently Owned and Family Operated since 1829 because we make good beer.”

The tweet received more than 4.8 million views, despite the fact that the company only had about 89,000 followers on their Twitter account.

Twitter users responded to the post, with many saying that they would begin buying Yuengling because of the tweet. Others thanked the brewery for “not getting political” and told them that their “sales are about to skyrocket.”

“Thank you for supporting AMERICA. I’m a real woman and your beer is the beer for me. Real women, and now real men, don’t drink Bud Light,” GOP activist Sarah Fields wrote.


“Please don’t bend to the woke mob (or your company will suffer the same fate),” another Twitter user warned. “I like Yuengling and don’t want to have to find another beer!”

This isn’t the first time that Yuengling Brewery made headlines, as the company’s owner Richard Yuengling Jr. publicly endorsed then-candidate Donald Trump for president in 2016. The left was immediately outraged over the endorsement, and some gay bars even went so far as to ban Yuengling from being served as a result of the owner’s comments.