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Biden’s Selective Embrace Of ‘Our Children’ Omits Grandchild

Holland McKinnie
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Joe Biden drew criticism this week by stating that “our nation’s children are all our children,” implying a collective responsibility for the well-being of American children. However, his actions seem to contradict his words as he continues to distance himself from his grandchild, Navy Joan Roberts, the daughter of Hunter Biden and Lunden Roberts.

At a “Take Your Child to Work” event at the White House on Thursday, Biden stumbled when asked about the last country he visited, eventually being reminded by a child in the crowd that it was Ireland. During the event, Biden also discussed the importance of family and mentioned his six grandchildren, noticeably leaving Navy Joan Roberts off the list.

Despite a paternity test confirming Hunter Biden as the father, President Biden has not publicly acknowledged his granddaughter. This situation has led to questions about the president’s commitment to the well-being of all American children. GOP deputy communications director Zach Parkinson suggested that the omission of Navy Joan from the list of Biden’s grandchildren could mean that either “Biden can’t remember how many grandkids he has”; “Biden knows and chooses to actively neglect his own grandchild”; or “Hunter hasn’t told him/lied to him about the paternity test.”

Moreover, the liberal corporate media has been criticized for downplaying this situation, with Parkinson pointing out that CBS and the Associated Press have chosen to “whitewash this seventh grandchild out of the story.” This media coverage raises concerns about whether the mainstream media provides accurate information about the president and his family.

While Biden’s rhetoric about collective responsibility for children may resonate with some, his actions and the media’s coverage of his family’s situation paint a different picture. Moreover, the president’s reluctance to acknowledge his own grandchild raises questions about his commitment to the well-being of all American children and whether his words truly reflect his beliefs.

In light of President Biden’s recent public statements, it remains to be seen whether his commitment to “our nation’s children” will extend to all American children, including those within his own family. However, with the ongoing paternity case involving Hunter Biden scheduled for a court hearing on May 1, it is an opportunity for the president to demonstrate that his words are not just empty rhetoric but a genuine commitment to the welfare of all children, regardless of their circumstances.