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China Seeks ‘Accidental’ Trigger for War, Warns Gordon Chang

Holland McKinnie
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According to China expert Gordon Chang, Beijing is keen on creating an “accident” that would trigger a world war. In a recent appearance on Newsmax, Chang warned that the U.S. must prepare for conflict at any time, citing the possibility of dangerous intercepts leading to an accidental conflict in the South China Sea and East China Sea.

Chang stated that the current Biden administration’s appeasement approach has yet to curb Chinese aggression effectively. He urged the administration to pay attention to China’s provocations, saying, “You should always believe when your adversary or enemy tells you something.”

Chang expressed concern about the previously unreported Chinese spy balloons over the U.S., including one that flew over an American warship. He blamed President Biden and senior leadership in the Pentagon for failing to understand the nature of the challenge posed by China.

Furthermore, Chang said that the current administration is also enabling leftist ideology in other regions, leading to the rapid collapse of American foreign policy. He cited Brazil’s leftist government as an example, asserting that the Biden team played a significant role in ensuring their election.

On the European front, Chang told Fox News that the pro-China sympathizers within the U.S. government and corporations are encouraging European leaders to side with America’s biggest adversary. He cited French President Emmanuel Macron’s recent meeting with Chinese President Xi Jinping as evidence of Europe distancing itself from U.S. interests.

Chang noted that while European leaders did not like former President Trump, they respected him and the United States. Now, under the Biden administration, this respect has dwindled. Macron’s meeting with Xi highlights the feebleness of the current U.S. administration and a potential decline in America’s global standing.

Despite facing criticism for turning a blind eye to China’s aggressive behavior, the Biden administration has previously acknowledged China as the most serious long-term challenge to the international order. U.S. Secretary of State Antony Blinken said in May that China aims to reshape the international order and move away from the universal values that have driven progress for the past 75 years.


However, Chang attributed China’s growing global ambition and challenge to America’s position on the world stage to Chinese Communist Party sympathizers within the U.S. government and corporations. He argued that these sympathizers are implementing weak policies that enable China to exert its influence.

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