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District Silent About Far-Left Teacher’s Profane, Violent Tirade

Chris Agee
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Even those who are already concerned about the leftist influence within America’s public school system might be shocked by the violent, profane and pro-communist rhetoric one Maryland teacher has been expressing online.

According to reports, North Bethesda Middle School teacher Rebeca F. Rothstein admitted to “indoctrinating” her students with radical far-left ideology while ignoring the core curriculum that parents expect to be taught in classrooms.

On a TikTok account that she apparently deleted amid growing backlash, she asserted that she was “proud as f— to be liberal” and defended her efforts to transform preteen children into woke, Marxist extremists.

In one post shared with her more than 220,000 followers, Rothstein lamented that she could not “do more” to share her skewed ideology with impressionable kids.

“Does anyone else feel like … we can skip the math, skip the science, like we’ll do that next year?” she asked. “Maybe this year we focus on teaching our youth how to be anti-racist.”

As for her political leanings, she is clearly more than just the “liberal” she is so proud to be.

Rothstein admitted handing out “Marxist literature” in her classroom and bragged about how she was able to “un-brainwash” herself regarding America’s capitalist system.

Declaring that she was “in love with socialism and communism,” the teacher left no doubt about her feelings when she declared: “F— capitalism.”

She argued that “capitalism must go” and ominously declared that “revolutions involve violence.”

In a different video focused on the Black Lives Matter movement, she railed against the “a—holes” who were concerned about the widespread property damage and looting associated with the riots.

“I am f—ing angry, and it’s weird as f— that you’re not,” she complained. “When I’m talking about the patriarchy or racism or police brutality, why the f— would you not be angry?”

Rothstein, who is White, also subscribes to the notion that “all White people” are inherently racist, asserting: “It is not the job of people of color to teach us how we are being racist. We have to be responsible for our own selves and do better.”

Among her other objectionable opinions is that “boys should get vasectomies at birth” because pregnancy is an issue that she believes only affects women.

Reporters reached out to the school district to determine if administrators approve of her expletive-laced tirades, but no one provided a response.