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Experts Warn Government Persecution Of Catholics Will Continue

Graham Perdue
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The Biden administration’s pattern of targeting Catholic individuals and institutions for intense levels of scrutiny will continue, according to political experts.

Speaking to the Daily Caller News Foundation, the voices noted recent actions by the federal government under the second Catholic president in U.S. history. This despite Biden once declaring that “my religion defines who I am.”

Andrea Picciotti-Bayer of the Catholic University of America and the Conscience Project said the Biden White House has “embraced the thuggery of anti-Catholic bigotry with zeal.” 


Indeed, anti-Catholicism is termed the last acceptable prejudice. The federal government took this motto to the extreme in several highly controversial actions.

As Picciotti-Bayer noted, Catholic pro-life activists were persecuted and the FBI has targeted supporters of the traditional Latin Mass for investigation as “extremists.” 

And it hardly stops there. Catholic Supreme Court justices went unprotected from blatantly illegal pro-abortion protests in front of their private homes. Catholic hospitals are also under federal pressure to conform to the grotesque practices of gender ideology.

In February, the FBI produced an internal memo categorizing adherents to the faith as possible “Radical-Traditionalist Catholics.” This group, according to the bureau, may represent an extremist threat to Americans.


And in recent days it was revealed that the FBI ran an operation with an undercover informant to spy on Catholic churches for information. Rep. Jim Jordan’s (R-OH) investigation into a memo uncovered the agency’s effort to infiltrate the church for “new avenues for tripwire and source development.”

Roger Severino of the Heritage Foundation reported that during his time with the DOJ’s civil rights department, a similar investigation of a traditional Catholic organization was undertaken.

He recalled that the federal attorney said the group was radical and undeserving of having their rights protected.

Severino responded by telling his colleagues that the government cannot target a religious group and exempt them from legal protections because of their beliefs.

Also, the Walter Reed National Military Medical Center ended its relationship with Catholic priests operating in the facility shortly before Easter.

The pattern is unmistakable, and it is made even worse in that it comes under the leadership of a supposedly Catholic president. And, as experts warned, the targeting of the church by government leftists is likely to get worse.