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Illegal Aliens Flood The Border As Title 42 Nears End

Anastasia Boushee
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In an apparent attempt to beat the rush expected to occur when the Title 42 policy ends, illegal aliens have begun flooding the U.S.-Mexico border ahead of the December 20 end date.

Title 42, which was instituted by former President Donald Trump during the COVID pandemic, allows for the rapid deportation of many illegal aliens from the border, even so-called asylum-seekers.

Even with the policy currently in place, the process is not as fast as it was supposed to be, especially due to the Biden administration’s open-border and catch-and-release policies.


According to one border patrol official, with Title 42 set to end December 20, illegal aliens will have to wait even longer to be processed — creating an even bigger strain on U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP), which is already stretched too thin from dealing with thousands of daily border crossings.

“They are trying to cross now due to T42 ending soon, which is going to make the process of getting released longer,” the border patrol official told the Washington Examiner on Monday. “The system that’s in place won’t be able to accommodate thousands of people on a daily basis.”

Border Patrol documents revealed that nearly 4,500 illegal aliens were in custody at the border crossing in the El Paso, Texas, sector on Saturday, according to the Washington Examiner. An additional 750 illegal aliens were waiting outdoors because the facilities were over capacity.

In response to the spike in illegal immigration in the region, the CBP has been sending additional border agents to El Paso and reassigning officers from customs duties, according to

The report also noted that between 1,500 and 2,100 illegal aliens crossed the Rio Grande from Juarez to El Paso since late Saturday evening, turning themselves in to border agents.


“The El Paso Sector on the Texas border with Mexico has seen an increase in encounters. To process individuals as safely and expeditiously as possible, U.S. Border Patrol agents from Big Bend and CBP officers from the El Paso Field Office are assisting with processing,” the CBP said on Monday morning, according to

Some Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) officers are reportedly being told to cut back on arrests to make room in detention facilities for illegal aliens detained at the southern border in anticipation of the wave of border crossings after Title 42 is lifted.

According to the Washington Times, the directive was not issued nationwide, and was just given to agents in certain ICE field offices.

“We are being told to abandon detention of anyone without a Class A felony, like murder, in preparation for border flights,” one East Coast ICE officer told the outlet.

“To ensure they had room for planeloads, they told the field not to make any arrests unless it is an extreme severity charge,” the officer added.

Meanwhile, when asked why he chose not to visit the southern border during a planned trip to Arizona, President Joe Biden — who has never visited the U.S.-Mexico border during his almost 50 years in political office — said there are “more important things going on.”

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