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Pastor Who Fled China Warns Of Creeping US Persecution

Chris Agee
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After he and his wife were locked up in China for sharing their Christian faith, pastor Bob Fu decided they should leave their homeland and head for the United States.

He has since established the nonprofit organization ChinaAid, which aims to expose China’s atrocious human rights record, but he is now concerned about a trend he sees developing in the U.S.

During a recent interview, Fu noted the “striking similarities” he sees between leftist activists and politicians in the states and the state-sponsored communist leaders in the nation that persecuted him and his wife. 

He told the hosts of “Fox & Friends First” on Thursday that the pandemic seemed to open the door for these troubling developments.

“I find we are really, in America, descending into a very dark reality that somehow these mayors and governors all of a sudden became little emperors,” he explained.

The situation was further exacerbated due to the “propaganda” he believes has been emanating from mainstream media sources. 

“We cannot really make our exceptionalist constitutional democracy into this communist style of governance,” Fu warned. “That worries me the most.”


Comparing the two nations’ respective stances on religious freedom, he concluded that COVID-19 has given U.S. officials an opportunity to take several steps closer to Chinese-style authoritarianism. 

“Every day, many of my friends are arrested and serving five years, seven years, nine years imprisonment for simply preaching the gospel and organizing peaceful worship service every Sunday,” Fu explained. “Now, all of a sudden, we cannot tolerate the worship [in the United States].”

He cited policies enacted by leftist politicians like California Gov. Gavin Newsom, who cracked down on religious gatherings due to the supposed public health crisis even as certain secular businesses and organizations — including strip clubs — were allowed to remain open. 

“I feel that America is, unfortunately — including Canada and other European countries — are coming to this point of active discrimination and perhaps persecution on the door,” Fu said.

Worse still, he said he believes that this trend began by design, not as an organic extension of pandemic-era restrictions, explaining: “It is a matter of power over the church, and those mayors or governors, such as in California, I mean, they just want to be the lord over the church and over the people of faith, in the name of the COVID.”

As a result, he called on American Christians to “be prepared” and “push back” against the encroaching persecution.

“Otherwise, if we are accommodating, if we are yielding our faith even a little bit, then politicians, those other forces, will want to replace that,” the pastor concluded.