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Poll: Unprecedented Trump Indictment Only Increased His Popularity

Graham Perdue
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For a political party filled with people who claim to despise everything former President Donald Trump stands for, the Democrats have a novel way of showing it.

Every time one of their leftist prosecutors attempts to derail Trump’s bid for president in 2024, they give his campaign a strong boost. Look no further than last Thursday’s federal indictment and its effects on the Republican presidential race.

The latest CBS/YouGov polling data, gathered on June 9-10, shows Trump outpacing his primary rivals by an even wider margin. And it came after the federal indictment tied to the handling of classified documents.


The push to get Trump supporters to abandon their candidate went down in flames yet again. The former president now enjoys the support of a staggering 61% of likely GOP primary voters. 

That compares to 23% for Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis. No one else in the field has more than 4% of Republican support.

The poll further asked if the latest indictment changed their opinion of Trump. Fully 61% said that their opinion did not change at all, and another 14% responded that they support the former president even more now. Seven percent took the news negatively and 18% responded “depends.” 

Showing just how strong support for Trump is among likely GOP primary voters, 80% told pollsters that if their candidate were convicted in the classified documents case, he should still be in the race for the White House.

Even across the entire spectrum of voters, there is a sense of uneasiness about the political nature of the charges. 


An ABC News/Ipsos poll released Sunday showed 47% of respondents agreed with Trump that the indictment was motivated by politics. Only 37% believed politics were not a factor while 16% were unsure.

Democrats keep swinging and missing in their war on Trump. It was only in April when radical Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg indicted the former president on charges related to business records.

Just prior to this act, a Trafalgar Group poll taken March 14-19 showed Trump with a slim 43% to 41% lead over DeSantis. But after that Democratic misfire, his lead exploded to 56.2% to 22.5%. 

Coinciding with his lapping the field came word from pollsters that 76% of Republican likely voters saw Bragg’s move as motivated by politics. And only a paltry 12% believed the documents found in Trump’s Florida home constituted a national security risk. 

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