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Taiwan Claims China Damaged Undersea Internet Cables

Darian Douraghy
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Taiwan’s National Communications Commission (NCC) has alleged that two Chinese ships terminated internet services for 14,000 citizens after it severed some of the nation’s undersea internet cables. 

According to the NCC, a Chinese fishing boat reportedly destroyed the first cable approximately 50 kilometers (about 31 miles) from the coast. A Chinese cargo ship then allegedly sliced the second cable on Feb. 8th, six days later. 

OANN reported that the Taiwanese coast guard pursued the first ship until it returned to Chinese territory. 

Su Tzu-yun, a senior security analyst affiliated with Taiwan’s Institute for National Defense and Security Research, asserted that China is the prime suspect.

“We can’t rule out that China destroyed these on purpose,” stated Tzu-Yun. “Taiwan needs to invest more resources in repairing and protecting the cables.”

Wen Lii, who heads the Matsu chapter of the ruling Democratic Progressive Party, appeared to agree, arguing, “The Chinese boats that damaged the cables should be held accountable and pay compensation for the highly expensive repairs.” 

Fox News reported that the cables have been sliced 27 times in the past five years. 


Numerous Taiwanese citizens reported facing massive inconveniences as a result of the internet outrages, including difficulties with contacting loved ones, problems with setting important doctor’s appointments, and even business owners losing out on thousands of dollars due to an inability to receive online orders. 

Other stated hardships include an inability to pay bills

“A lot of tourists would cancel their booking because there’s no internet. Nowadays, the internet plays a very large role in people’s lives,” commented Chen Yu-Lin, who reportedly owns a bed and breakfast.

It is not a secret that tensions between Taiwan and China have been brewing, fueling speculation that the Chinese Communist Party may be planning an inevitable invasion. Numerous U.S. representatives have suggested that a war could be imminent. 

The U.S. has notably increased its military presence in Taiwan by the hundreds in recent months. 

OANN reported that Taiwan initially cast blame on China for the outages, later pulling back on the allegations after determining there was a lack of hard evidence to back the claim.