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Teachers Union Passes Resolution Claiming Capitalism ‘Inherently Exploits Children’

Anastasia Boushee
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In a recently passed resolution, a major Colorado teachers’ union declared that capitalism “inherently exploits children, public schools, land, labor, and resources.”

The Colorado Education Association (CEA) has passed a resolution that is well beyond their job description. In the resolution, the CEA denounced capitalism while shoving as many leftist talking points as possible into the mix. 

According to Fox News, the final draft of the resolution reads: “CEA believes that capitalism requires exploitation of children, public schools, land, labor, and/or resources. Capitalism is in opposition to fully addressing systemic racism (the school to prison pipeline), climate change, patriarchy, (gender and LGBTQ disparities), education inequality, and income inequality.”


However, a screenshot of an earlier draft showed that a phrase had been removed before the final draft was published. The shocking phrase was a declaration that CEA’s goal was “to dismantle capitalism and replace it with a new, equitable economic system.”

The earlier draft also included the statement that “we are constantly using band-aids and minor reforms to make things better, which is good, but the system itself is the problem, and it needs to be named.”

The screenshot was reportedly leaked by a CEA member who was disgusted by the resolution. The unidentified CEA member gave the screenshot to an outlet called The Lion, which requested a comment from CEA director of communications Lauren Stephenson — who acknowledged that the early draft was legitimate.

According to Stephenson, the resolution — which was introduced by history professor Bryan Lindstrom — was passed in secret out of concern for “process” and privacy.


After the resolution passed, Lindstrom sent out a tweet noting that CEA members are now allowed “to publicly advocate and lobby for anti-capitalist policies at the CO Capitol.”

The CEA is a state affiliate of the radical far-left National Education Association (NEA), whose president recently declared that it is necessary for “racial justice,” “social justice” and “climate justice” to become “pillars” of the NEA’s mission.

“For us at the NEA, education justice must be about racial justice, it must be about social justice, it must be about climate justice. It must be about all of those things. For our students to be able to come to school ready to learn every day–We can never think of education as an isolated system because everything connects to our students’ ability to learn,” said NEA president Becky Pringle. “So, we have to necessarily talk about housing justice, food inequality, and the reality that we all just went through a global pandemic together and of course it was the most marginalized communities that were already suffering from the inequities in every single social system in this country and every country.”

Critics have long argued that teachers’ unions are more concerned about politics than the children they are supposed to be teaching, and this news is just more evidence in favor of this belief.