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The Left’s Stealth Invasion of Conservative America

Holland McKinnie
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The great migration from blue to red states has accelerated in recent years, driven by politics, cost of living, taxation and crime. Stella Morabito wrote in the Federalist on Wednesday that while some migrants assimilate and respect the traditions of their new conservative communities, others are invaders bent on replicating the high-tax, crime-ridden environments they left behind.

According to the 2020 census data, there has been a significant migration from counties that voted for Joe Biden to those that supported Donald Trump. This trend began before the Covid-19 pandemic but gained momentum during the lockdowns. Initially, people sought refuge in rural areas and small towns that maintained a live-and-let-live attitude.

However, some of these newcomers continue to vote for Democratic policies, which could result in conservative regions turning purple. In addition, the left has been more aggressive in targeting rural America since Trump’s 2016 election victory, with well-off leftists moving into picturesque rural areas and bringing their ideologies with them.

This infiltration has affected local government, with increasing numbers of rural boards of supervisors supporting leftist resolutions. Federal funds often come with strings attached, and local communities may unwittingly adopt progressive policies in exchange for financial support. Long-time rural residents may be apathetic about local politics, making it easier for invaders to take control of school boards and county supervisor seats.

Charles Murray’s 2012 book “Coming Apart” argues that the erosion of traditional bonds in rural America has created a vacuum filled by addictions and dependency. This makes rural residents more susceptible to political correctness and manipulation, a phenomenon referred to as the weaponization of loneliness.

Essays by Mark Pulliam and Peachy Keenan explore the invader-versus-refugee dynamic in conservative America. Pulliam’s piece, “Leftists are Colonizing Red Towns Like Mine, and Local Republicans are Clueless,” details the infiltration of progressive agendas in small, Republican towns. Meanwhile, Keenan’s “Hicklibs on Parade” examines the spread of left-leaning ideologies in red states.

The rapid population growth in Republican-leaning states like Florida, Texas, South Carolina, Arizona, and Idaho, as the U.S. Census Bureau reported, could be attributed to an exodus from Democrat-controlled states. Sam Karnick, a senior fellow at The Heartland Institute, told Newsweek that law and order played a significant role in this movement, with violent crime driving factors in people leaving Democrat-controlled cities.


Red staters should encourage new neighbors fleeing from blue state oppression to actively engage in local politics, support like-minded candidates, and work together to build strong communities that resist the encroachment of left-wing ideologies. In doing so, they can safeguard the principles that have made America’s conservative regions an attractive refuge for those seeking freedom and a higher quality of life.