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Zelenskyy Fears 2024 Trump Victory Would End Unlimited Funding

Holland McKinnie
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As tension surges in Ukraine, President Volodymyr Zelenskyy openly confessed his unease at the potential return of President Donald Trump to the White House after the 2024 U.S elections. His admission exposes the narrow lens through which Zelenskyy views the international stage, focusing more on personalities than pragmatic geopolitical solutions.

In a recent interview, Zelenskyy shared his preference for the Biden administration, noting that they have provided significant financial and military assistance to Ukraine during the current crisis with Russia. Yet, one can’t help but question Zelenskyy’s dependency on U.S. aid, which has risen to billions of dollars since Russia’s invasion. 

Indeed, Zelenskyy’s plea for more U.S.-made Patriot missile systems highlights the escalating costs of this seemingly endless conflict. He requests 50 of these missile systems worth over a billion dollars each. This would strain the U.S. arsenal, which has produced only around “240 Patriot fire units” globally.


But is arming Ukraine to the teeth the best way to resolve the crisis? During a May town hall discussion broadcast by CNN, Trump cast doubt on this notion. He voiced a sensible point – the focus should be on “ending the killing” rather than picking winners and losers. He underscored the urgency of ending the conflict to save lives, a humanitarian viewpoint often lost during neverending political mudslinging.

Trump’s stance, attacked by detractors as making him “Putin’s puppet,” is a refreshing departure from the destructive war narratives that typically dominate corporate media discussions. Instead, his comments offer a sobering reminder that wars aren’t sporting events where we cheer on a side but costly, life-shattering events that need resolution, not endless escalation.

Trump’s pragmatic approach to the Ukraine crisis is out of sync with Zelenskyy’s viewpoint. Zelenskyy seemed apprehensive about Trump’s claim that he could negotiate a peaceful settlement within 24 hours. Yet isn’t that the ultimate goal, a peaceful resolution that would halt the loss of lives?

Zelenskyy’s discomfort also extends to Trump’s seeming indifference to Ukraine’s territorial integrity, notably Crimea’s occupation by Russia during Obama’s presidency. This is a valid concern, but it’s critical to remember that every war has complexities and differing viewpoints that must be addressed diplomatically, not solely through military might.

Moreover, Trump’s comments on Ukraine hint at a broader conservative sentiment. A recent Pew Research Center survey found that 70% of Republicans believe the U.S. government should focus on domestic issues rather than foreign conflicts. 


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