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Canadian Deputy PM Says Americans ‘Need A Pay Cut’

Holland McKinnie
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Canadian politicians never seem to be at a loss for words when criticizing America while overlooking the problems in their own backyard. Recently, the Deputy Prime Minister of Canada, Chrystia Freeland, made headlines for her controversial statement that the American middle class “needs a pay cut.” 

As is usually the case, radical leftist politicians push for policies that only hurt the same people they claim they are working to serve. Unfortunately, Canadians have sadly become quite familiar with the disconnect between the elites in their federal government and the needs of ordinary citizens.

Freeland’s comments are not an isolated incident but are part of the trend of elite politicians pushing for a globalist economic and “environmental” agenda.

Glibly declaring that austerity and “taking a pay cut” is the only way forward for ordinary citizens. Disguised as a “green” revolution, the globalist demands for energy and food restriction schemes are marketed as a way to achieve a healthier and cleaner world.

The reality, of course, is that globalist policies benefit only a small group of elites while the rest of us are left to suffer the consequences.

This week, Freeland continued the progressive line of hypocrisy that her government will be able to keep all of its massive spending promises while somehow getting the Canadian government’s fiscal problems under control. 

Freeland refused to acknowledge the Canadian economy is heading for a recession in remarks to reporters but admitted there is “a lot of volatility in the global economy.” She exuded the typical confidence of progressive politicians when she insisted government planners have already taken into account economic uncertainty in their “long-term spending and borrowing plans.”


She said that the Canadian government has no intention to alter its policy goals. She described nationally provided health care and transitioning to a “green” economy as her government’s most pressing priorities.

Freeland would only acknowledge that the ambitious plans to finance the faltering Canadian socialized medical system while taking on climate change present “significant fiscal pressures.”

She left no doubt about the plans of the Canadian government: “This is a once-in-a-generation moment, and either Canada seizes that opportunity, seizes our share of the new industrial global economy which is being built or we get left behind.”

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