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Durham Report Exposes FBI’s Bias Favoring the Clintons

Holland McKinnie
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Special Counsel John Durham’s report on the FBI’s conduct during the 2016 presidential election has been a bombshell revelation, shedding light on a pattern of bias favoring the Clintons. The report details how four separate Clinton and the Clinton Foundation investigations were abruptly terminated, highlighting an alarming disparity in how the FBI treated the Clinton and Trump camps.

According to Durham’s comprehensive study, the FBI launched several investigations involving potential attempts by suspects to curry favor with the Clintons through sizable donations to their namesake foundation and Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign. These probes, originating from field offices in Little Rock, Washington D.C., and New York, were all initiated in early 2016.

The majority of these investigations revolved around the Clinton Foundation’s alleged misconduct. The Little Rock and New York offices focused on a scheme involving significant monetary contributions to the foundation in exchange for government favors. Simultaneously, the Washington D.C. office investigated claims detailed in Peter Schweizer’s book, “Clinton Cash,” outlining how the Clintons allegedly accepted millions in donations from foreign governments and substantial Russian corporations, seemingly aimed at influencing US foreign policy.

The fourth investigation involved a source closely associated with Hillary Clinton, who allegedly continued accepting donations even during her presidential campaign. The source informed the FBI that a foreign government planned to contribute to Clinton’s campaign to gain influence, resulting in a $2,700 contribution and another significant donation.

However, all four investigations were suddenly dropped ahead of the 2016 election. Durham’s report suggests senior FBI officials, wary of the “big name” involved, hesitated to probe further. The special agent in Charge involved in the probe admitted to Durham that they were all “super more careful” and “scared” because of the possibility of Clinton becoming the President. This hesitation, Durham concluded, led to a failure to effectively pursue the Clintons’ alleged illegal donation scheme.

Contrast this careful tiptoeing with the aggressive pursuit of the Trump team based on raw, uncorroborated intelligence. The stark contrast in the FBI’s approach to these two matters is evident and disturbing, suggesting a deeply rooted bias.

In response to these revelations, conservatives call for a thorough review and a complete overhaul of the FBI. Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-FL) has been vocal in urging these investigations to be reopened, stating the need for a fair process to maintain faith in our institutions.


While a spokesperson for the Clinton Foundation vehemently denies any wrongdoing, stating that the Clintons themselves are significant donors to the Foundation, the questions raised by the Durham report still linger. Yet, amid these denials, it’s clear that the report’s conclusions deserve serious consideration. This level of potential bias and unequal treatment in our law enforcement agencies undermines public trust and calls for immediate action to ensure impartiality in future investigations.

The core of our democracy rests on equal application of the law and faith in our institutions. It’s time we reaffirm this commitment and ensure fairness and transparency in our investigative processes.

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