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Trudeau Wildly Claims He Did Not Force COVID-19 Vaccinations

Graham Perdue
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Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau made a blatant attempt to whitewash recent history Monday. The leftist told German President Frank-Walter Steinmeier during a talk at the University of Ottawa that he did not force anyone to submit to COVID-19 vaccination.

Unfortunately for Trudeau, there are people still alive who recall his precise words and actions less than three years ago to do exactly that. There’s also the internet.

The prime minister tried to cloak his draconian actions during the pandemic in moderate language. As he recalled, he merely followed recommendations from the medical establishment that stated “vaccination was going to be the way to get through this.”

Trudeau added that “while not forcing anyone to get vaccinated, I chose to make sure all the incentives and all the protections were there to encourage Canadians to get vaccinated.”

That’s hardly what he was saying just a short time ago.

HBO host Bill Maher recognized that the prime minister was reminiscent of Hitler when he asked if Canada should “tolerate” vaccine skeptics. Trudeau incredibly labeled them “misogynistic and racist” and declared they merely “take up space.”

Trudeau’s sanitized history of his government’s response to COVID-19 conveniently overlooked the Freedom Convoy. Truck drivers and others upset with the drastic steps taken by the government shut down parts of the nation’s capital in protest.


In response, Trudeau undertook overreaching countermeasures such as seizing vehicles and freezing bank accounts.

Many took to social media to decry the prime minister’s historical inaccuracies. One posted a video from last year when he said he “can understand frustrations with mandates, but mandates are the way to avoid further restrictions — or having to be restricted.”

Canadian criminal attorney David Anber tweeted that Trudeau is a “menace to society” and called him the chief purveyor of “misinformation and disinformation.”

Author and businessman Edward Dowd observed that “the gaslighting here is epic.” He added that “your dear leader now says he never forced anyone…those of [us] who supported him have effectively been abandoned.”

And Republican lawyer and political activist Harmeet Dhillon succinctly responded, “Lies.” 

Trudeau may seek to rewrite the historical truth, but only his most ardent supporters will play along. Everyone remembers the national embarrassment of his heavy handed tactics against all who disagreed with his government’s sweeping regulations.

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