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Prominent Cardiologist Calls For Suspension Of COVID-19 Vaccines

Chris Agee
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As the world nears its third year of COVID-19, a growing number of experts and pundits are changing their tune regarding the efficacy of strategies that were once deemed imperative in tackling the pandemic.

For his part, U.K. cardiologist Dr. Aseem Malhotra is publicly walking back his prior support for widespread COVID-19 vaccine use after his father’s recent death. He has since spoken out against the mRNA shots produced by Pfizer and Moderna, linking his father’s immunization with the Pfizer vaccine to his subsequent death in July 2021.

He began by expressing his change of heart on Twitter, which dutifully stepped in to suspend his account for three days. Since then, he has accused other social media platforms of similarly suppressing his criticism of the prevailing vaccine sentiment.


The doctor also elaborated on his findings in a paper published in the Journal of Insulin Resistance, noting that his father’s “post-mortem findings” revealed “shocking and inexplicable” results.

Describing his father as “an extremely fit and active 73-year-old man” who exercised consistently throughout the pandemic lockdown, the fact that two of three major coronary arteries “had severe blockages” came as a shock to everyone who knew him.

“I knew his medical history and lifestyle habits in great detail. My father, who had been a keen sportsman all his life, was fitter than the overwhelming majority of men his age,” Malhotra wrote. “Since the previous heart scans (a few years earlier, which had revealed no significant problems with perfect blood flow throughout his arteries and only mild furring), he had quit sugar, lost belly fat, reduced the dose of his blood pressure pills, started regular meditation, reversed his prediabetes and even massively dropped his blood triglycerides, significantly improving his cholesterol profile.”

In his attempt to deal with his father’s unexplained death, the doctor came to the conclusion that “we have a pandemic of misinformed doctors and a misinformed and unwittingly harmed public.”

As a result, Malhotra now cautions against universal COVID-19 vaccinations, particularly among young and otherwise healthy segments of the population. 

“Such policies continue to undermine the principles of ethical evidence-based medical practice and informed consent,” he wrote.

Malhotra went into further detail about his concerns during a recent Fox News Channel appearance.

“Unfortunately, this particular vaccine has harms that are unprecedented,” he told host Laura Ingraham. “The efficacy is actually very, very poor.”

As a result of his findings, Mahotra determined: “These vaccines need to be suspended, paused, pending an inquiry.”

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